Reasons to use Tracts and Why Use Tracts

50 Ways to Use Gospel Tracts

52 Reasons To Use Tracts

Encouragement to Use Gospel Tracts

The Use of Tracts
By R.A. Torrey
R.A. Torrey listed down in his article The Use of Tracts the importances and advantages of handing out gospel tracts. He also provided suggestions as to how to use tracts.

Using Gospel Tracts
An article on using gospel tracts.

Witnessing With Gospel Tracts
This is an online article about the advantages and disadvantages of tracts, as well as guidelines when witnessing with gospel tracts.

Why Gospel Tracts? (GO! Evangelism)

Why I Use Gospel Tracts (Fish With Trish)

Why Use Tracts (

Why Use Tracts? (Let Down Your Nets)

Why Use Tracts? (Moments With The Book)

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