Tract Wallet Holder- Where to Buy

Bible Baptist Bookstore

Bible Truth Publishers
This tract wallet holder has two pockets that have a clear face inside the wallet. It can hold about 25 tract cards, mini-tracts, wallet calendars or tip cards respectively. Buy it from Bible Truth Publishers Online Store.

Bible Truth Publishers
Each pocket has a clear face inside the wallet and will hold about 25 tracts, mini-tracts, wallet calendars or tip cards respectively. Wallet keeps them near and handy. Color may differ from picture.

Chick Publications
Keep your Chick tracts from getting damaged. This vinyl tract wallet holds up to 20 tracts, in two pockets, keeping them neat and organized

Christ the Way
Don’t let your tracts get dog-eared or wrinkled! This vinyl tract wallet holds up to 20 Chick tracts, in two pockets, keeping them fresh and neat. If you witness in an area where many people speak another language, you can even keep your English and non-English tracts separate!

Christian Book Discounters South Africa

This tract wallet allows you to carry up to 50 tracts at a time–ensuring that you will never be without an appropriate tract. Also available pre-filled with 50 bestselling tracts.

Lighthouse Publications

Living Waters

Living Waters Africa
How many times have you gone to give out a tract only to find it's become wrinkled, torn, or generally a mess from time spent in your pocket or purse?

Moments with The Book
Keep up to 80 tracts crisp and clean with this handy tract wallet! Comes with colorful inserts complete with encouraging Scripture verses about sowing the seed. Inserts available in both KJV and NKJV versions.This wallet was custom-designed for Moments With The Book, and is perfect for storing and organizing Gospel Tracts, Motion Tracts, Mini Tracts, Choice Poems, and most Believers Tracts.

Sword of the Lord
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The Sword Tract Wallet is the perfect way to keep tracts clean and unwrinkled, ready to hand out! Two inside pockets will hold numerous tracts. On the outside, the Sword of the Lord logo is stylistically debossed into the flexible vinyl cover. The tract wallet measures approximately 3¾" x 6" when closed and will comfortably hold tracts that measure up to 3⅛” x 5¼”.

The Power of the Word
Have you ever reached in your pocket or purse to give someone a tract, only to find out you didn’t have any with you to give them? Well, you can always have tracts with you using one of our custom tract wallets!



World Christian Tract Ministry

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