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Tips for Using Gospel Tracts

Tract Evangelism

In Chile, a young mother came to Christ after reading a tract a missionary had given her. A man in the southern US was born again in his prison cell after reading a tract handed him by one of the guards.

A Soviet paratrooper read a tract he was using to light a fire, and his life changed for eternity.

Why evangelize?

Most of us are not "evangelists" according to the classic definition. But the Bible is clear that we are to share the Gospel with others, to be what I call "evangelizers." We are to proclaim the Good News and seek to harvest souls for Christ.

Why Us?

God has chosen to reach the world through us. Why? I believe evangelism is not just good for the world by bringing people to Christ, but it is also good for us. In fact, God uses evangelism as a primary tool to shape us into the image of Christ. In sharing the Gospel, we must commit ourselves to God in trust and we must study His Word. The more we know about God, the better will be our preparation to answer the questions that are put before us.

There are many other blessings associated with evangelizing, but the greatest I have experienced is the personal joy of seeing someone come into a relationship with Christ. And of course, one of the most effective methods of witnessing I know of is the distribution of quality Gospel tracts.

Why Tracts?

It has been said that nothing costs less, goes farther, lasts longer or says it better than a Gospel tract. But what is a tract? In short, a tract is any tool that is; to the point, relevant, arrests our attention, contains the Gospel and takes us closer to Christ. Today's tracts include not only the paper variety but also audio cassettes, videos, web pages and CD-ROMs. Tracts are indispensable.

I want to encourage you to think about their strategic use as you go out into the world each day. When you make them part of your spiritual repertoire, God will give you many opportunities to share. A tract is so wonderfully crafted that it can go to work even if a child finds one on the floor. Regardless of your spiritual maturity or experience in sharing the Gospel, tracts are indispensable tools.

May I encourage you to think about using tracts in your personal witness plan? Here are my suggestions for developing an effective tract ministry.

  1. Pray.

    You cannot win anyone to Christ, neither can a tract. Only the Holy Spirit can do that. Be sure to pray. Pray you will be a faithful and effective ambassador of the Gospel. Pray the Holy Spirit will speak to the recipient's heart so that he or she may understand the message and receive Christ.

  2. Give appropriate tracts.

    A tract should fit the needs of the person it is given to. For example, don't give a tract on the Christian home to a single person. Always carry several different types of tracts with you--so you can match the message to the person.

  3. Talk...and listen.

    Listening will help you learn the person's needs and stimulate interest. Try to steer the conversation toward spiritual issues before offering your tract. Ask the person to commit to reading the tract.

  4. Make eye contact and smile.

    Genuine smiles are rare these days, but they can create an opening for giving a tract. With love in your heart and a smile on your face, ask kindly, "May I give you something to read?" If a person refuses or wants to argue, remain pleasant.

  5. Use top-quality tracts.

    Invest in the best tracts available. Use well-illustrated tracts that grab people's attention. Be sure your tracts are well-written, contain a clear Gospel presentation and move the reader toward a decision for Christ.

  6. Keep your tracts in good condition.

    Make sure your tracts are clean and fresh when you hand them out. A day or two in your pocket will make them dog-eared and unattractive. Use a tract wallet to keep your tracts looking crisp.

  7. Find new ways to use tracts.

    Include tracts in business and personal letters, bill payments, or in books you loan to friends. Offer one to your waitperson when eating out. Take tracts with you when you travel. Keep them near your front door for visitors. Keep a good supply in your car or purse. Be original. Never leave home without a tract.

  8. Give out a tract each day.

    You don't need to start by distributing hundreds of tracts a week. If you begin by giving at least one tract each day, you will be amazed as you see the Lord bless your efforts.

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