God's Simple Plan of Salvation

God's Simple Plan of Salvation Online in 24 languages

You may read the tract "God's Simple Plan of Salvation" online in 24 languages at http://www.Godssimpleplan.org/gsps.html. Their home page is located at www.Godssimpleplan.org God's Simple Plan of Salvation is one of the most popular and effective tracts ever written. It is published on paper in 112 languages. Lifegate, the ministry which prints the tract, will print your church information or ministry information on the tract for an extra expense. Over 558,000,000 of these tracts have been shipped in 112 Languages since 1933.

Please visit the Lifegate web site for more information on the Tract "God's Simple Plan of Salvation" or ask Lifegate to send you information packet in the mail.

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