Saving Money Sending Tracts From the USA to Another Country With an M Bag

I talked to someone at Fellowship Tract League. This person said you may send tracts to people in another country with an M Bag. The M Bag is an idea of the United States Postal Service. The cost of the M Bag is different depending on the amount of pounds of the tracts. It also depends on what country you are sending the tracts to. The cost to send 1000 tracts in an M Bag is usually somewhere between 17 to 22 dollars. The cost to send 3500 tracts is usually somewhere between 45 to 60 dollars. The cost to send 5000 tracts is usually between 55 to 80 dollars. These are the prices as of January 2019 and are subject to change.

The price of an M Bag is usually lower than if you were to go to the local post office and send a box overseas and not request an M Bag.. If you go to a local United States Post Office, the person there might not be familiar with a M Bag. This service might be available only at certain Post Office locations or perhaps you may request that they offer this service for the future. If you ask the postal office worker to look up the M Bag service on the computer or on paper, they will be able to find information on it if they look carefully.

This is United States Postal Service website regarding the M Bag

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