Money Tracts

Act Now Print and Promote
Their money tracts are slightly smaller than the size of real currency. At the back of it, you will find the salvation message. They have money tracts of different amounts.
Franklin Million Dollar Bill Gospel Tract
Lincoln Million Dollar Bill Gospel Tract

Believer’s Bookshelf Canada

Bible IQ

Gospel Tract Printable

Bible IQ has made our popular and professionally-designed Gospel tract into a free printable! Simply download the below "pdf" file and print as many gospel tracts as you would like. Our goal is to help equip you and your group to execute the Great Commission as seamlessly - and now as cost effectively - as possible!

Chick Publications

Christian Dollar Store

Church of God in Christ

Courageous Christian Father 

This website links describes the proper use of money tracts.

Equipping the Saints

Faith Baptist Church
Faith Baptist Church has tracts about money and wealth. You can order in multiples of 100 and the price is very affordable. You will get a bigger discounts for more orders.

Gospel Tract Planet
Gospel Tract Planet has different kinds of money tracts. There are kid-friendly money tracts too. People will enjoy receiving and reading the salvation message which is printed at the back of these money tracts.

Got Tracts

The money tracts at Got Tracts are proven to stop people in their tracks. It is a great ice breaker or conversation starter. Money tracts deliver a priceless message to the reader. It is rare that someone passes up the offer to take one of these tracts.

Great Commission Society

Living Waters Publications
Living Waters has million/trillion dollar bill tracts for kids and adults. You can get order the tracts on their online store. You can put the word "million dollar bill" on the search engine when searching for the money tracts.

Living Waters Europe

Make It Clear Ministries (article)
"These $10 bill Tracts are made to look as realistic as possible. This is not real money, but a Gospel Tract made to look like real money. If you like to pass out tracts, but get discouraged that cannot give one to everyone, try some of these."

Moments With The Book (MWTB)
The money/business tracts at Moments With The Book have stories dealing with money and the incomparable value of eternal life and a relationship with Jesus Christ. All the tracts are available in KJV and NKJV versions. There are also tracts in Spanish language.

One Million Tracts
This website has 8 money tracts, all in different currencies. These are great to give away and to share Jesus to others.

Operation 513
The Big Money Tracts of Operation 513 has been a bestseller for the past few years, They have over 150,000 copies of this tract in circulation. On the back of this tract, there is a gospel message that points the reader to the fact that Christ alone can save them. Please put the word "money" in the search engine. Operation 513 also sells Living Waters money tracts in Australia.

Swanson Christian Products

Vision Shop Online Australia

Watermark Christian Store


World Christian Tract Ministry

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