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Tract Ministries Which Print in Many Languages

Below I am listing the ministries that have tracts in many languages. Please go to the web site to see what languages are available. If you have any questions, or know of other ministries, please contact

Please scroll down the page as there are more options besides the first one.

Campus Crusade for Christ

Please call (800)827-2788 for availability. Most of the languages of the tracts you canít order online. You need to call this phone number to see what is in stock. In the past, this tract was available in up to 180 languages.
order online in English and Spanish
read online in about 144 languages
Bilingual four spiritual laws tract (30 languages)
Bilingual printable versions of the Four Spiritual Laws in 76 languages
flash version in English
bilingual and foreign language four spiritual laws cd rom with 90 languages with instructions to print your own tracts

Chick Publications
tracts in over 100 languages

Christian Comics International
links to Christian comics sites around the world, some comics are evangelistic

E3 Resources
13 languages

Evangelical Tract Distributors
tracts in 70 languages

tracts in 34 languages

Fellowship Tract League
tracts in over 70 languages

Gospel Comics
tracts in 18 languages online can order only two languages six languages on cd rom

Gospel Printing Mission
46 Roxy Avenue
Chadwell Heath
Tel: +44 (0)181 597 2140
no web site address
tracts in 44 languages

Grace & Truth, Inc.
tracts in 12 languages

Heres Life
tracts in over 70 languages
Bi-lingual Gospel Tracts

tracts in 112 languages
online e-tracts in about 30 languages

Majestic Media
four languages

The Most Important Story
112 languages
A 32-page presentation of God's plan of salvation in cartoon format.

Multi-Language Media
tracts in 37 languages

Seeds Christian Tracts
tracts in 27 languages online

Source of Light
seven languages

Ultimate Questions
32 pages paperback
45 languages

World Missionary Press
tracts in over 316 languages
To find out what languages are spoken in a country, please visit these web sites:

World Missionary Press language%20do%20they%20read.pdf


type the name of the country in the search engine

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact

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