Low Price Christian Tracts or Christian Tracts for an Offering

Some of the ministries offer these tracts for free. Some ask for an offering for the costs of the tract plus shipping costs.

ACTS (As Chosen To Serve Ministries) Tracts
ACTS provides you with materials you need to assist you in sharing your faith with others. Their tracts are free of charge. However, if you have the ability to donate, ACTS accepts donations to fund the printing of their tracts.

Bible Tracts, Inc
Bible Tracts Inc provides free tracts in various languages. As of now, they have 42 tracts published on their website.

Bible Truth Publishers
The tracts of Bible Truth Publishers are available for download and printing. Downloading and printing of their tracts are free of charge. Printing instructions are on their website.

CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry)
CARM offers 2 tracts, The Warning Tract and the other one about women pastors. These tracts are free. You can download them from their website.

Courageous Christian Father - Free Gospel Tracts
Courageous Christian Father posted a list of sites that gives free Gospel tracts and are sent via postal mail. Check the links on their website.

Fellowship Tract League
All the tracts you can find at Fellowship Tract League are free of charge. But if you wish to donate to sustain the organization's operational expenses, you are welcome to do so. You can find hundreds of tracts on their website. Their tracts are available in English and many other languages.

Free Christian Tracts
The tracts on this website are free and can be viewed with any PDF reader applications. You can download the tracts to save them to your computer. You can also save them to a flash drive for printing if you wish.

Grace & Truth
Grace & Truth is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry that publishes gospel tracts, tracts and booklets for Christians, and a monthly magazine. Since they are supported by free-will offerings, they are offering tract for free to those who are not able to support the ministry.

Hope Tract Ministry
Hope Tract Ministry has printed more than 163 million gospel tracts in 39 languages and shipped them free of charge to more than 100 countries. Visit their website for the list of available tracts.

International Tract Ministry
The International Tract Ministry provides low cost gospel tracts to anyone who desires to diligently distribute them to other individuals for Christian soul-winning and witnessing.

Kristin's Friends - The Kristin Tract
Their gospel tracts are free as the Lord provides. They just need to ask you to cover the shipping and paypal fees.

Liberty Gospel Tracts
Liberty Gospel Tracts have hundreds of gospel tracts in different languages. All tract is free of charge, as the Lord provides for them to print and ship it.

Operation Somebody Cares
This ministry has illustrated evangelistic booklets in English and Spanish and a few other languages.

Seeds Christian Tracts
The Christian tracts from Seeds are great witnessing tools that can be printed and distributed for free or for a litte amount.

SGM Lifewords
SGM Lifewords has been freely sharing the Bible's life words since 1888. They have always provided Bible resources to people that need them, free of charge.

SGM Lifewords United Kingdom
SGM Lifewords UK is freely providing Bible resources and programmes, which are designed to help share life words in different places to different individuals. They produce Bible booklets and digital resources for you to share with others.

This website has hundreds of free tracts that can be downloaded and printed on your home computer.

Tracts 4 U - Free Christian Tracts
Tracts4u designed free Bible tracts that help believers in their witnessing and sharing the Word of God.

Tracts 4 Free
Tracts 4 Free offers simple, attractive, business-sized Gospel tracts that can be downloaded on your computer. These tracts can be printed out on a home printer or by a printing company. The tracts are one-sided and can be customized by adding your contact details on the other side.

World Missionary Press
WMP is an interdenominational literature ministry producng topical Scripture booklets, Bible study booklets, New Testaments, salvation coloring books, and tracts in more than 340 languages. Their resources are printed and provided free of charge to evangelists, pastors, and other Christian workers in 210 countries and islands worldwide.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


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