Low Price Tracts and Tracts for an Offering

Below are ministries which have free or low price Christian tracts. It is good to send an offering for their tracts. Some have a policy of "All tracts free as the Lord provides." Some ministries only provide free tracts to missionaries, evangelists and church planters. Many of these ministries get so many requests for free tracts, that you might have to wait many months to get tracts for free. For some ministries, if you send an offering, you might get the tracts sooner.

Fellowship Tract League
I called the Fellowship Tract League and the person on the phone told me that they send out free tracts as the Lord provides. It means that if you place a tract order over the web site from a location outside the USA, you might have to wait until the money is donated to pay for the tract and shipping costs. I do not know how long the average wait is. You may see an updated list of titles and languages available on their web site. Right now they are printing in about 75 languages.
The Fellowship Tract League has a sample pack with examples of their tracts or you may read most of their titles online in different languages. It has single fold tracts in many languages.
The FTL has a good selection of titles in English and Spanish. The FTL sends out over 100 million tracts around the world each year.
The FTL is an organization with a great missionary vision. The FTL is one of my favorite ministries.
Every $8 USD love offering prints 1000 gospel tracts (without shipping). If you order one million tracts, it costs the FTL around $8000 USD in paper and ink costs. This does not include shipping costs. Please contact the FTL for more information.

World Missionary Press
World Missionary Press has inexpensive booklets which are used throughout the world in many languages. Their booklets use a lot of verses as opposed to other tracts and booklets. They has a few different titles. Please ask for their catalog. World Missionary Press is an inter- denominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets in over 280 languages, along with Bible study booklets and New Testaments in a variety of languages. We are producing approximately 3,600,000 Scripture booklets each month to send out free of charge as the Lord enables us financially. During our 36 years of ministry we have sent literature by request into 195 countries and islands of the world. You can read their booklets online on their web page. Because the World Missionary Press receives so many requests for so many free booklets they are not always able to supply the total amout requested. Our inventory and production considerations help us determine just what we can send to each one. Many of our distributors want to help cover the cost of their shipment. We do not charge for the booklets, but we do advise them of our cost if they inquire. We do not require any offering or contribution. The booklets are sent free as our supply allows. Please feel free to contact us again or to submit a request for Scripture booklets.

Seeds Christian Tracts
Free Christian tracts in English that may be printed from the web page
Free Christian tracts in foreign languages that may be printed from the web page

Bible Tracts, Inc.
Bible Tracts, Inc. was started in 1938.
We have 41 titles 18 Languages in Stock: Arabic, Armenian, Bulgarian, Chinese, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Ilocano, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Pidgin, Portuguese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Tagalog, and other languages.
To date we have produced 480 million tracts and sent them around the world. All tracts are FREE and postpaid as the Lord provides. Please write for a free sample pack.
They will print one of their tracts (What About Eternal Life?) with your church address on them in either English, Spanish or Russian.

Gospel Tract
As God provides, we send free gospel tracts to help native evangelists of all denominations. These tracts are sent our Christian brothers and sisters who work in the jails, streets, and hospitals in Latin America, India, and Africa. Their work of love produces tens of thousands of converts into the Kingdom of God and you can have a part of their ministry. We package and ship the tracts from our warehouse, and fill out all custom forms. One of the costs involved is the cost of shipping which is usually $1.20 per pound.

Grace & Truth, Inc.
Who Are We? Grace & Truth is an evangelical, non-denominational Christian ministry that publishes gospel tracts, tracts and booklets for Christians, and a monthly magazine. Our readers are world-wide. Our publications are free. We are supported by free-will offerings from those who value our work as well as those who use our material.
Languages besides English with the number of titles:
Arabic (3)
Hausa (5)
Hindi (6)
Igbo (6)
Malayalam (6)
Sinhala (8)
Spanish (21)
Tagalog (1)
Tamil (10)
Telegu (18)
Yoruba (13)

International Tract Ministry
The International Tract Ministry was founded to provide gospel tracts, at reasonable costs, to anyone who desires to diligently distribute them to other individuals for Christian, soul-winning witnessing. Money and regular gifts of support that you give will help to aid in continuing this Gospel Tract Ministry.
This ministry has Spanish tracts.

Liberty Gospel Tracts
For Samples of Gospel Tracts, Bible Courses, and Literature, click here. For Quantities of Gospel Tracts, Bible Courses, or other literature, you must fill out the form and questionnaire below. All literature is free of charge, as the Lord provides for us to do so, so the request and the amount is carefully considered.

Their tracts and booklets have a suggested donation
They have eight locations in different countries around the world
They are located in Kenya, Australia, Poland, India, Indonesia, Brazil, USA, and England

Macedonia Gospel Publications International
In 1978, Macedonia Gospel Publications International (MGPI) began publishing gospel tracts to assist missionaries in the work evangelism. It was determined from the very beginning to supply soul winning gospel tracts free of charge to missionaries. Therefore our primary purpose and policy is to supply gospel tracts to missionaries without cost to the missionary as the Lord provides. We are able to do this through donations and by tracts that are supplied to local churches on a love offering basis. The ministry of MGPI operates by faith.

Operation Somebody Cares
Operation Somebody Cares requests a two cent offering for these evangelistic booklets. The booklets are in English, Spanish, Tagalog, Cebuano, Portuguese, Slovak, French, French (for Africa), Romanian, Swahili, Haitian Creole, and Telugu. You may read the booklets in all these languages on the website.

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular dvd, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact Brian at brianformissions@gmail.com


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