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World Christian Tract Directory II

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this World Christian Tract Directory is to give information on the different ministries and organizations which publish evangelical Christian tracts all on one page. It gives addresses of where to buy the tracts or receive free samples or a free sample pack.

Many addresses also include web site and e-mail addresses. In many instances, I will tell the languages in which a tract is available and the addresses of the different worldwide distributors of the tracts. In some instances, I give my personal opinion on what I think of the tract. For more information, please contact the tract ministry/organization and ask for a free sample pack or ask for recommendations from the tract organization. If you need any help in selecting the right tract, please contact me at


The addresses of tract ministries are in alphabetical order below.


Agape, a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ International, is the publisher of Knowing God Personally, which is an evangelistic booklet.

All Nations Gospel Publishers
All Nations Gospel Publishers prints and distributes tracts in many of the languages spoken throughout South Africa and other countries.

Ambassadors 4 Truth
Ambassadors 4 Truth is an outreach ministry. They offer free gospel tracts on their website. Right now they have 6 unique tracts you can order.

American Scripture Gift Mission
The American Scripture Gift Mission produces booklets and tracts that are made up entirely of Scripture verses about different subjects. Most of their publications are evangelistic and are translated in over 400 languages. Some of their materials are free digital downloads. They request a donation for their materials. Right now, the materials are shipping from Europe.

American Tract Society/Good News Tracts/Crossway
The American Tract Society and Good News Publishers/ Crossway became one company a few years ago. It produces and distributes Christian tracts in comic and non-comic format. Tracts are available in English and other languages.

Answers in Genesis (USA)
“Answers in Genesis” is an apologetics ministry. They focus on providing answers to people’s questions found the book of Genesis. You can search for their tracts using their search engine. Just type the keyword “tracts” on the search engine.

Apologetics Press
Apologetics Press has an extensive listing of tracts on Christian apologetics and Christian evidences, as well as general Bible topics. Tracts may be ordered individually, by hundreds. Visit their online store for the tracts.

Ariel Ministries
Available on Ariel Ministries website is the Though Tract variety. This tract is available in 5 packs for a low price. Ariel Ministries offers intensive Bible teaching from a Messianic Jewish perspective.

Berean Call, The
You can get free tracts at The Berean Call web site. The tracts cover subjects like “Christian Activism”, “Endtimes”, “Is All Truth God’s Truth”, and “Once Saved Always Saved?” Please click Find on the home page and then choose Tract in the pull down menu under Format.
You can find at the tracts and booklets that Robert Flores wrote. These include Homeless Harry, Vengeance is Mine, Stripped Clean, and Behind Closed Doors. These tracts are designed to be given to troubled teens or gang members.

Bible Baptist Church Publications
Bible Baptist Church Publications is a ministry of Bible Baptist Church, Oak Harbor, Washington. BBCP publishes Baptist discipleship and preacher-training materials. They also publish tracts for evangelism and discipleship.

Bible Baptist Publications
Bible Baptist Publications offers hundreds of titles in printed form. Their materials include tracts, books, booklets and many others on different topics and themes.

Bible Believers’ Evangelistic Association
BBEA produces and distributes Bible tracts by Leon Bates.

Bible Leaflets
Bible Leaflets offers Bible tracts. You can also read the tracts online.

Bible Speaks Ministries, The
The Bible Speaks Ministries offers free downloads of Christian literature like tracts and Bible correspondence courses on doctrines, prayer, theology and Joshua written by missionary Gerald Johnson and Ken Johnson. They also have free Bible teaching booklets and pamphlets.

Bible Tracts, Inc.
Bible Tracts prints many tracts you can use for evangelism. These tracts are available on their web site.

Bible Truth Publishers
BTP offers printable tracts on their bookstore. You can print these tracts free of charge.

Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
Bibles for the Blind and Visually Handicapped International currently has some tract titles available in braille. The list of tracts is on their web site.
Search for tracts and leaflets at by typing the keyword “tract” on the search engine.

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association
BGEA offers tracts and pamphlets for witnessing and sharing the Gospel to your friends, family and neighbors. You can find these tracts and pamphlets at their online store.

Birmingham Gospel Outreach
The Birmingham Gospel Outreach is a tract and leaflet ministry printing for the Christian community. They have 67 different tracts in English and 9 tracts in Romanian language. sells tracts at their online store. There are four tracts available, one is in Spanish language.

Bogard Press
Tracts available on Bogard Press are Free Health Care, Am I Going to Heaven When I Die, and Five Facts about Eternal Life.

Bread of Life Baptist Press
The Bread of Life Baptist Press helps missionaries with their printed needs such as printing tracts, gospels and other study materials.


C S Lovett Books
Christian tracts are sold on the online store of CS Lovett Books web site. There are at least 25 tracts available and all are in English language.

Call of Hope
Gospel tracts are available at Call of Hope web site. There are at least 12 tracts available for online reading or downloading.

Calvary Hill Baptist Press
Calvary Hill Baptist Press is producing tracts and these are available free of charge to anyone who will request them. They request a donation for these tracts.

Roger Campbell Ministries
Roger Campbell Ministries shares gospel tracts for free. Tracts available are listed on their web site. Donations are requested.

Campus Crusade for Christ
You can shop for tracts at CCC’s online store. They have tracts in English and other languages.

Campus Crusade for Christ Australia
You can shop for booklets at CCC Australia’s online store.

Campus Crusade for Christ Online Tracts
Campus Crusade for Christ’s Four Spiritual Laws is available for online reading. Translated into about 150 languages, this online tract is excellent to use when sharing the gospel.

Canadian Bible Society
Search for tracts and booklets at Canadian Bible Society online store. Their online store is called Bibles Canada.

Caribbean Christian Publications
CCP has diversified its product line with eight gospel tracts written and illustrated by Pastor John Hatton. Their tracts are direct, non-threatening, easy to understand, and complete in their presentation of the plan of salvation.

Caroonist for Christ
James Webb of Koolau Baptist Church on Oahu created a digital tract for children. You can read the tract online or order the tract at the Cartoonist for Christ website.

This page contains a list of different tract ministries and the links where you can find them.

CCES have created several tracts that you are free to download for use at your church or in your ministry. The tracts are in PDF form and can be printed.

CEF Press/Child Evangelism Fellowship
There are six tracts available at the CEF online store. These tracts are good for child evangelism. These tracts are translated in English and other languages.

Chapel Library
Download more than 850 classic tracts and booklets for free at Chapel Library. The tracts and booklet are saved in PDF, Mobi, and ePub formats.

Chick Publications
Chick Publications has many illustrated cartoon tracts and booklets in many languages. Chick tracts are available online and in Christian bookstores worldwide.

Children’s Bible Club, The
Kid’s tracts are available at this web site.

Chosen People Ministries
Chosen People Ministries offers a number of resources to help your grow in your faith and share the Gospel with your Jewish friends. You can find tracts, books, music, videos, items for the holidays and more at their online store.

CARM, which promotes and defends the Christian faith, distributes the Warning Tract and a tract, which is a free online tract that can be donwloaded. The Warning Tract is especially designed to keep people from joining the Mormons and JW’s.

Christian Comics International
CCI has Christian comic books, booklets and tracts.

Christian Destiny
You can order tracts from Christian Destiny. Tracts available are listed on the Christian Destiny link above.

Christian Equippers International
Christian Equippers International is printing and distributing booklets to help the church grow. You can find their booklets on their web site.

Christian Light Publications
Christian Light Publications produces millions of Christian books, pamphlets, and tracts for people in the United States, Canada, and around the world.

Christian Publishing and Outreach
CPO has a great range of gospel tracts for use in many different circumstances.
The ministry is in England.

Christian Research Institute
CRI is selling booklets and tracts at their online bookstore.

Christian Supply
Shop at Christian Supply for books, eBooks, Bibles, Music, DVD, gift items, and tracts. They have 26 tracts in full color and at an affordable price.

Christian Tract Outreach
You can get find tracts, booklets and Bible study materials at Christian Tract Outreach website. Their tracts are sorted out properly for easier searching. sells about 1000 titles of tracts. is an online store that sells Christian books, Bibles, Sunday school curriculum, tracts, booklets, and countless other items that can help you explore your faith more passionately. They have hundreds of tracts and booklets they sell inexpensively.

CLC International UK
CLC International UK supplies Christian books and Bibles to many school libraries in UK and other countries. They also have different tracts you can buy in packs on their online store. CLC has bookstores around the world.

Cleveland Baptist Church
Cleveland Baptist Church offers the Big Tract. The Big Tract is a big gospel tract that contains colorable pages of Bible memory verses. It is available in Quechua and Spanish languages to better reach the Bolivian people.

Contender Ministries
Christian tracts are available at the Contender Ministries web site. Most of these tracts are apologetics tracts.

Christian Tracts
Tracts on this website are written by David Cox and David Boanerge. You can print out tracts from Christian Tracts for free.

Creation Ministries International
CMI provide real-world answers to the most-asked questions in the vital area of creation/evolution, where the Bible is most under attack today—Genesis. They have inexpensive leaflets or tracts you can download as PDFs or you can buy in bulk from their online store.

Crown Christian Publications
CCP has four tracts available on their online store. These are: It’s Time For You To Know, The Lord Is My Shepherd, God Bless America Tract, and God So Loved The World Tract.

Crossway/ American Tract Society/Good News Tracts
The American Tract Society and Good News Publishers/ Crossway became one company a few years ago. It produces and distributes Christian tracts in comic and non-comic format. Tracts are available in English and other languages. offers customization of tracts. You can add your name or church to the tracts you wish to order. Check the website to see if it is working.
You can get cyber tracts from this web site and paste them in chat room or your email. There are cyber tracts, audio tracts, chat tracts and video tracts.

Conversion Center Inc., The
The Conversion Center Inc exposes anti-biblical and anti-Christian teaching to the searchlight of God's inspired Word of Truth. They have many tracts you can get on their website.


David Wood Ministries
David Wood Ministries sells booklets and tracts for witnessing. Are You Sure and Knowing Jesus are two of them.

Der Weg
This is a German Christian web site where you can get German Christian tracts.

Deo Gloria Trust
Deo Gloria Trust produces quality resources for outreach. This includes gospel tracts and booklets.

Dial-The-Truth Ministries
Dial-the-Truth Ministries provides informational tracts and booklets on the King James Bible, Bible versions, false teachings, Christian music, rock music, youth issues, prophecy and current events.

ATS, in partnership with Good News Publishers, publishes and distributes gospel tracts throughout North America. You can browse their tracts on their web site.

Do Not Enter
Do Not Enter is an interesting online gospel presentation or online tract. The tract comes from the online apologetics resource

The God Loves You! tract can be bought at DollarCross.Com. You can read the full text of this tract at DollarCross.Com

Don’t Wait Go
This web site provides evangelism resources, tools and training opportunities. You will find some great witnessing tools, gospel tracts and resources available at this web site.

Du Bist
Du Bist is a German tract translated as "You Are" in English. The English version is also available online. This evangelistic tract explains to the reader the gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasizes on recognizing and living the identity that we have in Christ. This tract is suitable for evangelism. It also helps believing Christians in finding and regaining the "right perspective."


E3 Resources
This place sells etracts.


Faith Baptist Press
You can personalize your tracts by having your church address and information printed on the back.

Faith Mission Publications
Faith Mission Publications is a Bancroft Gospel Ministry. They print Christian tracts in English, Spanish and Portuguese languages.

Faith Prayer & Tract League
The Tract League has over 300 tract titles in stock. They have tracts specifically for unbelievers and believers.

Faithful Soldier
There are three tracts available on Faithful Soldier website. These are Something is Terribly Wrong, Evolution of Mankind, and Homosexuality: Love & Change. Contact Faithful Soldier's office for pricing and ordering information.

Family Christian
Family Christian is an online store that sells Christian items like books, Bibles, tracts, booklets, music, videos, apparels, gifts, crafts, and more. They have over 90 tracts available on their website at affordable prices.

Fellowship Tract League
FTL has tracts in around 70 languages. They have excellent single fold evangelistic tracts of different languages.

Fishing for
Fishing for Souls has many tracts you can read online or download and print for free. Tracts available are in English and Spanish languages.

Free Cartoon Gospel Tract
You can get free online or downloadable cartoon tracts from this website. Tracts are available in over 20 languages and are great for adults, teens, and kids. You may also order them on paper from Living Waters.

Free Christian
The tracts on this site are free to view or to be downloaded onto your PC. There are tracts about abortion, the Bible, evolution, divorce, dinosaurs, euthanasia, salvation, Catholicism, Jesus and more topics.

Free Tract Society
The Free Tract Society offers over 500 different English tracts, with translations and additional selections in around 29 other languages and dialects.

Friends of Israel
The Who is Jesus? is a tract designed for sharing Jesus Christ with the Jewish community. It is a seven paged tract you can read online or download and print from your computer.

Fundamental Baptist Home Missions
The Print Shop of Fundamental Baptist Home Missions offers tracts, books and other Christian materials for sharing or personal use.


GARBC International Ministries
One tract available on this website is Ce que la Parole de Dieu enseigne sur le salut. It means What God's Word teaches about salvation. This tract is in French language but also available in Spanish language. You can download the gospel tract for free and print it, or you can read the tract online. provides free Bibles and gospel tracts in Iloilo City, Philippines and online. They also have free cartoon tracts on their website. The tracts here are written in many languages and dialects.

Global Good News Literature
Global Good News Literature is a Gospel outreach ministry that mainly focuses on literature evangelism. They print tracts and other literature in different languages.

Global Media Outreach
You can find close to 75 bilingual translations of the online Four-Spiritual Laws tract on this web site. For example, the first translation is a side to side Afrikaans/English translation.

Go! Evangelism
Go! Bible Gospel Tracts are simple yet powerful and illustrative for sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Good Book Company, The
The Good Book online store has several tract titles and booklets.

Good News Tracts /Crossway/ American Tract Society/
The American Tract Society and Good News Publishers/ Crossway became one company a few years ago. It produces and distributes Christian tracts in comic and non-comic format. Tracts are available in English and other languages.

Good Way, The
The Good Way has excellent materials in about 25 Muslim languages.

Gospel Hour, The
You can get soul-winning booklets and Bible tracts on this web site. The tracts and booklets are written by Dr. Oliver B. Greene.

Gospel Comics
Featured on Gospel Comics web site is He Lived Among Us. This is an evangelistic comic book telling the story of Jesus in comic strip format.

Gospel Fellowship Association
"What If" is a gospel tract available at Gospel Fellowship Association. This tract can be purchased in packaged and can also be customized with your church name and contact information.

Gospel Folio Press
Gospel Folio Press Ministries prints and distributes gospel tracts. You can find a list of their tracts at their bookstore.

Grace to You
You can buy tracts and booklets at Grace to You's online store.

Grace Vision Publishers
Grace Vision Publishers has excellent tracts. Their tracts are glossy, colored, and available in English and Spanish languages.

Great Commission Churches
Available on GCC website is the Do You Know for Certain tract. This is an evangelistic tract that provides answers to questions like where you are going when you die, what the Bible says about your future, what are the qualities of God, and more.

Greeks for Christ International
On this web site, you will find a variety of ministry materials and resources including gospel tracts for witnessing.


Happy Heralds
Happy Heralds has tracts about how to be saved available for free on their web site.
I think they are online only and not sure they can be ordered on paper.

Here’s Life Australia
Here’s Life offers bilingual gospel tracts based on The Four Spiritual Laws. Each tract has two languages on one tract, preserving the cultural adaptations that the tract has already gone through to give correct logic, relevant issues, and appropriate Bible verses for each culture.

His Print Media Ministries
You can download the What Child Is This Christmas tract at His Print Media Ministries website. This Christmas tract uses phrases from the Christmas carol What Child Is This to present the Good News about why Jesus came, what He did, and what we must do to benefit from it.

Hope Tract Ministry
Hope Tract Ministry prints and ships tracts free of charge as the Lord provides.
They are printing in around 35 languages.

How Good Are You?
You can ready this booklet online or purchase this booklet at Sovereign Grace Ministries Store.


Indian Life Ministries
Indian Life Ministries publish and distribute culturally and spiritually sensitive literature for Native North Americans. Tracts are found at their online store.

Institute for Creation Research
ICR have printable tracts at their online store.

Institute for Religious Research
The IRR promotes in a thoughtful and gracious manner the exclusive claims of Jesus Christ as revealed in the Bible. They have different tracts and some are in different languages.

International Board of Jewish Missions
IBJM offers tracts for Jewish people in English, Spanish, Russian and other languages.

International Tract Ministry
The International Tract Ministry provides free gospel tracts to anyone who wants to distribute them to other individuals for Christian evangelism. If you order more than 3000 tracts, they request a donation. These tracts cost one cent or less to produce.

InterVarsity Press
IVP publishes Christian books, booklets and other printed Christian resources mainly for college students. Please put the word booklet in the search engine at the Intervarsity Press website.

Jesus Christ Loves You! is a business card tract to reach those who need Christ. There are several cards available in different languages. These cards are much more durable than regular tracts and can fit into peoples pockets, wallets and purses easily. It is a great option for those who use tracts on a regular basis.

Jeff Goss Ministries
Bible tracts are given away for free at Jeff Goss Ministries website. Each Bible tract set may be downloaded and comes with both a front and back side for printing..

Jesus For Children
The Greatest Promise booklet helps children to understand the plan of salvation in simple terms and with colorful pictures from the Jesus film. Modeled from the Four Spiritual Laws by CCC, this booklet may guide and build a child's attitude and confidence in God's promises. Available in different languages, Bible verses in this booklet are worded for ease of understanding for children 5-11 years old.

Jesus Is Alive International Ministries Ltd
Jesus Is Alive International Ministries Ltd is an Australian evangelistic ministry. They have different tracts you can find on their web site and that you can share with your friends, family members, and neighbors.

Jews for Jesus
Jews for Jesus sells some booklets. Booklets are categorized according to season, topics and year-round subjects.

Jó Hír” (Good News) Hungarian Literature Mission Inc
You can find Hungarian tracts on this web site.

Joni and Friends
Joni and Friends offers tracts and booklets mostly written by Joni Eareckson Tada.

Joy Baptist Church
You can buy tracts on this website. Tracts here are sold in bundles of 100 for only $1. You can also request for a sample pack to be sent to you, and you can request for customization of tracts.


Available on this website are the Passion Booklet and the Dynabox Tract. These tracts are available in packs of 100 and 25 for a low price. offers custom and customizable tracts, brochures and church brochures. They provide complete service from concept through printing. They offer one color and full-colored tracts printed on gloss text, premium smooth white offset, or on white linen.

The KJV Store
The KJV Store supplies KJV Christian products, books, curriculum, tracts, church supplies and more.

Krow Tracts
This is an outreach ministry of Don Krow Ministries. Don Krow Ministries provides free Christian materials and discipling tools like tracts and books to be downloaded for free. Visit the website for the list of tracts available.


Last Days Ministries
Last Days Ministries sells their Wise Tracts in around 100 different titles.
Their tracts are on a lot of different topics.

Let The Little Children Come
Available on this website are child evangelism tools that are more than simple children's tracts. These tracts use a new technology for tracts. They are animated tracts which retail for around 16 dollars. They also sell the wordless book and different variations at the resources link.

Liberty Baptist Church
There are 6 available tracts on this website. These are Stop Tract, Bible Truths Disproving Islam, Charismatic Errors, Deity of Christ for JWs, 33 Science Proofs of the Bible, and 4 Questions for Muslims. You can download these tracts for free.

Liberty Gospel Tracts
You can get free tracts at Liberty Gospel Tracts. Bible version used for their tracts is the Authorized King James Version.

Life Challenge Africa
Life Challenge Africa has booklets written in English, Kiswahili, Kinyarwanda and French languages. You can find these materials at the Media section.

Lifegate, Inc.
Lifegate is the publisher of God’s Simple Plan of Salvation, one of the most popular and effective tracts ever written. This tract is available in many languages at Lifegate’s web site.

LifeWay Christian Resources
LifeWay sells Christian tracts at their online store.

Lifewords Australia
Lifewords Australia produces Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website. They request a donation for these booklets.

Lifewords Brazil
Lifewords Brazil distributes Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website. They request a donation for these booklets.

Lifewords India
Lifewords India distributes Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website. They request a donation for these booklets.

Lifewords Latin America- Brazil
Lifewords Latin America-Brazil distributes Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website. They request a donation for these booklets.

Lifewords Kenya
Lifewords Kenya distributes Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website. They request a donation for these booklets.

Literature Ministries International
Literature Ministries International produces Christian reading materials, tracts and booklets. Most of their products are found at their online store.

Little Red Book Ministry
The Little Red Book provides Christians with an outreach tool that presents the Gospel in attractive and challenging package. They have gospel booklets and gospel tracts available at their web site.
LiveTracts is where you can find digital tracts. You can embed or put the tract on your own web site or email it to a friend.

Living Waters
Living Waters prints lots of tracts and booklets for distribution. Their tracts concentrate on the law of God’s standard of perfection and that everyone has broken the law. You can order their tracts at the Living Waters Publications web site.

Living Waters Africa
If you are based in Africa, Living Waters has a ministry address in South Africa. Tracts and other resources through their website.

Local Church Resources
This web site offers many tracts: gospel tracts, brochure tracts, impact tracts, and many more.

This website offers KJV Gospel tracts. There are also Christmas tracts and Door Hangers.

Lock Haven Scripture Press
Lock Haven Scripture Press has gospel tracts in English, Creole, Tamil (India), Russian, and Chinese.

Lyons, Dr. Jim / Tracts by Lyons
Dr. Jim Lyons has written several tremendously effective gospel tracts, which are found on Tracts By Lyons web site. Each tract has an attractive full-color cover with a pointed gospel message.
This online store is in Spanish language. They are selling Christian books and tracts in Spanish language. They also have music, videos, software, and more.


Macedonia Gospel Publications International
They have colored tracts printed on glossy paper.

MacGregor Ministries/MM Outreach
This web site presents Christian Biblical views and publications on cults and false doctrines such as the JW’s, Mormons and other cults.

Majestic Media
Majestic Media has a variety of tracts that will help your ministry in spreading the Good News about Jesus Christ. One very good booklet they publish is called God’s Bridge to Eternal Life. They also publish One Yard Short and The Passion of Christ.

Master Clubs!
Master Clubs! has nine tracts and booklets designed for children. These tracts are available in English language and some are in Spanish.

Matthias Media
Matthias Media is an evangelical publishing ministry which focuses on providing high-quality, biblical resources for outreach, follow-up, growth, and training. The list of booklets and tracts is found in their web site. On the website, there are leaflets and booklets.

Menorah Ministries
Menorah Ministries is a Messianic Jewish resource ministry which has an Evangelism Explosion tract. You can read this tract online.

Mercy and Truth Printing Ministries
Mercy and Truth Ministries prints tracts, books, and materials written by Scott Hanks or a staff member of Heritage Baptist Church. They have full-colored tracts in English and other languages.

Messages of God’s Love
This web site has audio/visual and printed materials in the languages of South Asia.

Messianic Jewish Movement International
MJMI sells materials such as booklets to help educate believers in Yeshua on how to evangelize Jewish people worldwide. They have the 5 Jewish laws on their website, but I don’t know if they sell it.

Messianic Literature Outreach
MLO sells quality literature with the message that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Products include assorted tracts, booklets, books and music.

Missing Peace Trust, The
The Missing Peace Trust sells Christian tracts, booklets, online resources, TV and radio production services.

Missionswerk Die Bruderhand
You can find German tracts and booklets on this web site.

Missionswerk Werner Heukelbach
You can find German tracts on this web site.

Moments With The Book
MWTB publishes over 200 titles of attractive, effective and economical gospel tracts. You can read most of the tracts online and share them through e-mail and e-cards.

Most Important Story, The
You can get The Most Important Story booklet and other powerful tools for any youth or children’s program on this site. It has been translated into 118 languages and you can buy them in some of the 118 languages right now.

Multi-Language Media
MWTB publishes over 200 titles of attractive, effective and economical gospel tracts. You can read most of the tracts online and share them through e-mail and e-cards.
They have the tracts in different languages.


Neighborhood Bible Time
Five Facts and Dedication tracts are available at NBT web site. Look for the resources link.

NEST Learning
There are over 146 tracts available on this website. Tracts are available in different languages.

New Life Resources
You can shop for witnessing tracts at CCC’s online store. They have tracts in English and other languages.

No Frontiers
No Frontiers is based in UK and they sell Scriptures and Christian literature such as tracts and booklets in a wide range of foreign languages.

No Greater Joy
No Greater Joy is the ministry of Michael and Debi Pearl under the auspices of No Greater Joy Ministries. You can find tracts and booklets at their website.

North American Mission Board
Please put the word booklet, tract or tracts in the search engine.

NPN Videos
NPN Videos not only has DVDs on their web site but Gospel tracts in postcard form.


Oasis Trade Post
Oasis Tradepost Gospel tracts are few in number but powerful in impact.

One Hundred Languages
This is web site is a ministry of Living Waters. You will find free downloadable gospel tracts and videos in different languages on this web site.

One Million Tracts
One Million Tracts sells gospel tracts, Bezeugen gospel tracts, tracts by Tony, and tracts by CARM. You can find them at their online store.
This web site has resources like tracts that will be useful to Christians. The resources here may be read online or downloaded for free. There are tracts in over 100 languages on this site.

Open Air Mission
The following booklets are found on the literature section of Open Air Mission’s web site: The Gospel of John, The Unique Jesus, and Why All the Suffering.

Open Church Foundation, The
OCF have high quality Christian tracts designed to help people know God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and aid Christians in facing daily problems.

Operation Somebody Cares
Operation Somebody Cares prints and distributes illustrated tracts and discipleship booklets. Their tracts are in also available in different languages.

Operation513 Australia
Operation 513 Australia have gospel tracts that come in packs. They sell these tracts at their online store.

Operation513 England
Operation 513 England has gospel tracts that come in packs. They sell these tracts at their online store.

Osterhus Publishing House
One of the ministries of OPH is the Tract Ministry. They have tracts in over 1000 titles and over 50 languages.


Pacific Garden Mission
You can get a copy of Unshackled booklet for free at Pacific Garden Mission’s web site.
They probably have a few different titles.

Partners in Ministry
Partners in Ministry has tracts and booklets at their web site. They also offer a tract customization service.

Personal Freedom Outreach
This website has a list of Christian witnessing tracts. You can buy these tracts at a low price.

Pilgrim Fundamental Baptist Press
PFBP prints tracts and pamphlets in English and other languages.

Pilgrim Tract Society
The Pilgrim Tract Society prints and ships world-wide a large volume of Gospel tracts in many different languages.

PinPoint Gospel Tracts
PinPoint Gospel Tracts has quality, inexpensive, unique and effective Gospel tracts.

Pocket Testament League, The
The Pocket Testament League sells resources to help believers develop a lifestyle of biblical discipline and personal evangelism. Tracts and booklets are among these resources they offer. They request a donation for these materials.

Power to Change
This website has popular gospel tracts and booklets that clearly explain, through Scripture, God's love for us.
Browse through's growing library of tracts. is a publishing ministry of Moments With The Book. They print tracts and customize tracts for your church or ministry.

Prison Ministry Tracts
You can find tracts for prisoners and prison ministries on this web site. Tracts are in English language.

Proclaiming the Gospel
This web site is designed to lead Roman Catholics to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit. They sell tracts and other resources.

Promise Ministries International
This web site has free articles, free online tracts, booklets, and end time news.

Publicaciones Visión de Gracia
You can find Spanish tracts at this web site.

Publish or Perish Printing Ministries
Publish or Perish Printing Ministries has tracts and literature they provide free of charge, but they request a donation.

ReadyTracts, a non-profit company dedicated to sharing the love and message of Jesus through Christian literature, produces tracts with excellence and affordability in mind. Every penny spent at goes directly to Christian ministry in the form of outreach and evangelism training.

Reapers, The
The Reapers ministry is to produce and distribute biblically-based literature and evangelistic tracts. You can order these resources at their website.

Regular Baptist Press
RBP has tracts and booklets available at their online store. Some of these tracts are How To Live The Christian Life, How Can I Go To Heaven Someday, and Life After Death.

Resources for Evangelism
This page contains links to evangelism resources, which include tracts and booklets.

Resources for Missions
You can look for tracts and booklets on this web site. They have resources for missions in many languages. Please click on the Literature link.

Revival Focus Ministries
Revival Focus Ministries brings you tracts created by John R. Van Gelderen. Their tracts are excellent for witnessing.

Revival Movement Association
Revival Movement Association publishes and prints gospel Literature in over 95 languages. They have Scripture booklets and gospel tracts.

Ritchie Christian Media
The booklet Dawn of the New Age is available at Ritchie Christian Media online store. You can also search the store for other booklets and tracts.

Rod and Staff Books
Rod and Staff Books has cd gospel tracts and paper tracts on their online store.

Ron Hutchcraft Ministries, Inc.
Browse through the online store of Ron Hutchcraft where you will find resources to encourage you in your personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You will find books, tracts, audio CDs, DVDs, and other resources that provide answers to today's real life issues.

Ron Wheeler
Ron Wheeler is one of the most creative cartoon type tract artists in the USA. He has worked on over 80 titles. Many of his tracts have been sold by the American Tract Society/Good News Publishers/Crossway.

ROX35 COMIX / ROX35 Media, Inc.
You can get Christian comics on this web site. Their comics are available in different languages.

Seed for the Sower Publications
Seed for the Sower tracts contain an appeal to respond to the Gospel, warn of consequences of rejecting Christ, tell how to begin the Christian life, communicate a complete gospel message, and are very good in quality and appearance.
On this site, you will find God’s plan of salvation, Baptist teachings, Bible studies, Bible lessons, Baptist history, gospel tracts, sermons, Sunday School lessons, writings on various subjects, Baptist preaching, Baptist humor, many teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, and much more.

SGM Canada
SGM Canada offers Scriptures in different places in Canada. They develop and equip churches and individuals with creative contextualized Scripture leaflets and booklets.
SGM requests a donation for their tracts.

SGM Lifewords Indonesia
SGM Lifewords Indonesia offers Bible booklets for you to share with others. You can get these resources on their website. SGM requests a donation for their tracts.

SGM Lifewords Poland
SGM Lifewords Poland sells Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website. SGM requests a donation for their tracts.

SGM Lifewords United Kingdom
SGM Lifewords United Kingdom offers Bible booklets for you to share with others. They also offer these resources for free. You can get these resources on their website.
SGM requests a donation for their tracts.

Shadow of the Steeple Ministries
Shadow of the Steeple Ministries has free online tracts. Visit their web site for their available tracts.

Shining Light Publishing
Shining Light Publishing offers customization services on tracts you wish to print. You can personalize tracts with your church's name, address, contact information, map, and service times.

Silent Word Ministries
Silent Word Ministry has a 47-page booklet for the deaf with pictures written by missionary Jon Barr. This booklet is well done. The booklet gives an overview of the Bible. Silent Word Ministries is a ministry to the deaf.

Smile God Loves You
You can print the tracts off the website. The tracts are in PDF format. The tracts are free online tracts.

Source of Light Ministries
SLM provides tools and resources to churches, missionaries and mission agencies. Their tracts are found at the Tools For Ministry section on their web site.

Sovereign Grace Ministries Store
You can buy booklets and tracts on this online store. Available at their store are How Good Are You, Proclaim Pocket Pack, Proclaim Spiritual Questionnaire Pad, and Take Words With You: Scripture Promises and Prayers.

Sowers of Seed
SOS distributes Bible booklets and tracts. Look for titles of tracts and booklets at their online catalog.

Specialty Tracts
Specialty Tracts is a specialty brand of gospel tracts geared towards witnessing to military personnel, public servants and other extra-ordinary people that Christians have opportunity to come in contact with.

Step Up to Life
You can find Step Up to Life booklets in many different languages on this web site. Many of the booklets are available free as PDFs.

Stephen Bennett Ministries
Their tracts are available to order or can be read online as a PDF file.

Striving Together Publications
Striving Together Publications prints and publishes biblically sound books, booklets, tracts, curriculum, and other Christian reading materials.

Sword of the Lord Publishers
Sword of the Lord offers tracts and booklets created by Curtis Hutson and John Rice. A highly recommended tract is How To Know You Are Going To Heaven.


Tabernacle Baptist Church
The Tabernacle Baptist Church has challenger tracts available on their web site. They have gospel tracts, doctrinal tracts, miscellaneous tracts, Bible version tracts, and apostasy tracts.

Tammy Tolman
Their Christian Bible Stories in comic book style are available on cd rom or by download.

Thematic Evangelistic Literature
TELit designs, produces, and publishes evangelistic folders (tracts, booklets, books, etc) in a wide range of titles, suitable for all ages, interests and occasions.

Thru the Bible Radio Network
This ministry has some booklets located at the store link.

Tract League, The
The Tract League has over 300 tract titles in stock. They have tracts specifically for unbelievers and believers.
Gospel Tract Planet (formerly Custom Tract Source) has hundreds of different tracts on their web site. They have money tracts, kid-friendly tracts, custom tracts, and more.

Tracts 4 Free
Tracts 4 Free is a free online resource that aims to provide free Christian tracts and evangelism resources. Tracts on this website are readily available for downloading and printing.

Tracts by Lyons
Dr. Jim Lyons has written several tremendously effective gospel tracts, which are found on Tracts By Lyons web site. Each tract has an attractive full-color cover with a pointed gospel message.

Tracts Online
Tracts Online helps Christians interested in witnessing for Christ Jesus with tracts, devotionals, and good Christian books.

You can download free Christian tracts on this website. There are also free printable Christian posters, tracts, photos and paintings free to print, photocopy and distribute for evangelism.
This ministry is in New Zealand. You may download the tracts for free as pdfs. The tracts are free and they request a donation especially if you order more than 100 tracts. has many different free tracts that may be read online and be downloaded and printed on your home printer in many different languages.

Trinitarian Bible Society England
If you are from England, you can order TBS tracts and booklets at the Trinitarian Bible Society’s online store.

Trinitarian Bible Society USA
If you live in USA, you can order TBS tracts and booklets at the Trinitarian Bible Society’s online store.

True Way Tracts
If you need prison tracts you can visit True Way Tracts. True Way Tracts offers 14 tracts especially designed to minister to inmates. They include gospel tracts, testimony tracts, and tracts addressing issues such as anger, forgiveness, temptation, and condemnation. There are also sell many other tracts on this website.

Trumpet Tract Ministries
Trumpet Tract Ministries offers Bible tracts and audio tracts on their web site.


UCB Direct
UCB Direct has many tracts. Use the search engine to search for tracts. You can also type the key word “tract” on their search engine.

They have Spanish tracts including the four spiritual laws by Campus Crusade for Christ.


Victory in Grace
You can order gospel tracts at Victory in Grace's online store.
Online gospel video tracts for you to share with others for free are available on this web site. You can put them on your web site or send them in an email.

Volunteer Seedlines Publications
You can order personalized John and Romans booklets for your church, ministry or event from this site. The booklets are printed in colored and can be customized.


Wayside Harvesters
You can get the Know Your Future tract on this site. The Know Your Future tract is available in English and other languages. The

Western Tract Mission
Western Tract Mission offers evangelistic tracts and Bible correspondence courses for kids and adults, with a special emphasis on reaching the Biblically illiterate.

White Horse Christian Center
You can get the God Loves You tract on this store. The writer of this tract is Pastor Jeff Johns. He wrote this tract as a teenager and it has been extremely effective in presenting the plan of salvation to young and old people. This attractive, updated tract asks the reader to prayerfully follow seven steps, each with corresponding Scripture, then leads into receiving Jesus.

Winning Run Foundation, The
All tracts on this web site cost 20 cents each. Tract titles include: The Winning Run, Fourth and Impossible, The Winning Stroke, The Perfect Save, The Perfect Substitute, Temple Conditioning, and The Perfect Reliever.

Word of Life Press
Word of Life Press distributes books, tracts and videos in Japanese. Their tract catalog lists the titles of their tracts in English and Japanese.

Words of Life Tracts
This web site offer free Christian tracts. They will send out some samples of tracts. The tracts may also be downloaded for free.

World Mission Society
WMS has gospel tracts for the deaf. Tract titles include: God and You, I Am Deaf, and Jesus and the Deaf.

World Missionary Press
World Missionary Press produces 48-page topical Scripture booklets in 337 languages, plus Bible study booklets and New Testaments for free worldwide distribution.

World Wide Tract Ministry
WWTM prints Gospel tracts for home and foreign distribution. At present, they have tracts printed in 17 different languages.


You Are
You Are is the English version of the German tract "Du Bist." This evangelistic tract explains to the reader the Gospel of Jesus Christ and emphasizes on recognizing and living the identity that we have in Christ. This tract is suitable for evangelism. It also helps believing Christians in finding and regaining the "right perspective."

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