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HSpecial Rates to Send Tracts to the Philippines in a Balikbayan Box From Locations Around the World

There is a mailing box that allows people to send large quantities of tracts at a low price to the Philippines. I know that someone was able to send about 11,000 tracts in a balikbayan box for close to $100.00 US dollars to a location near Manila. The drop off location for balikbayan boxes are however only in certain cities. If you donít want to drive to drop off location, you can always mail it there. I contacted a few different companies to see which one had the closest drop off location to a certain city. There are a few different companies that offer balikbayan service across the United States. If you know of a Filipino church or a place that sells Filipino food, sometimes the people there will know of the closest balikbayan drop-off point.
Some companies have different sizes of balikbayan boxes. One company I found had three different sizes of balikbayan boxes. Other companies just had one option. If you would like to support a missionary or evangelist or a Filipino church with tracts, this is a great idea. If you donít know of someone to buy tracts for, I can look for someone for you. Please contact

Balikbayan Boxes Information at Wikipedia

Manila Forwarder
This is probably the biggest Balikbayan Box company in the USA and around the world with drop off locations in different parts of the USA and around the world in different countries. Many locations are listed on their web site. It is better to contact them for up to date locations.

Send Company
another large balikbayan box company

Alliance Cargo
balikbayan box company

Team LBC
balikbayan box company

Star Xpress Forwarders
balikbayan box company

How to Send Balikbayan Boxes

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